Neuropathy can affect both the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves in our body, though the peripheral nerves are much more commonly affected. While there is not a cure for neuropathy, there have been new developments in the treatment of nerves and nerve regeneration. The peripheral nerves have the unique ability to go through restoration if the underlying problems have been addressed. Standard medical treatments for neuropathy are built solely to manage pain. With chiropractic care, you can develop a plan to correct the underlying causes of your neuropathy, and in time, begin to regenerate your peripheral nerves.

Neuropathy gradually progressives over time. In the beginning, some patients report feeling numbness or tingling in the fingers or toes. When left untreated, the numbness begins to spread around the body and evolves into prickling pain. As the neuropathy spreads, patients begin to have issues maintaining their balance. Frequent falls do start to occur during normal daily activities for some neuropathy patients. This is when patients typically turn to chiropractic care over traditional medical treatments.

How Nerve Regeneration Can Heal Neuropathy Pain
While conventional medicine serves to reduce pain, there is no plan for longterm healing or treatment of the disease. The number of neuropathy patients who are undergoing corrective chiropractic care has been growing exponentially. This is because more people are seeking alternative treatments to treat the underlying cause of their neuropathy without the risk of potential side effects from taking prescription medication.

With the proper chiropractic care, nutrition, and homeostasis in the body, our nerves are able to regenerate and heal themselves. This regeneration process may be the only way that neuropathy patients can hope to shorten their disease and find significant relief from their pain. Through chiropractic care, the goal is to release all of the tension in the body and to correct the underlying causes of your neuropathy so that the healthier the body is, the more likely the body will naturally facilitate the nerve regeneration process.

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